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Abhinandana TS is looking for Ambitious and success-minded Motivated Individuals who are very Keen to associate with him
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You have ONLY one OPPORTUNITY to Start with and that is by PARTICIPATING
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Plz Look at the LINKS given Below and READ it throughly .
Before you Decide to Register Speak with Abhinandana TS .



He is also giving a talk on Aug 12th , 2015 at Bangalore on

“Cost-Effective Marketing Approach & Strategy to sell to NRIs”

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You have an REAL OPPORTUNITY to SMARTLY EARN Monthly Rs.50,000 to Rs.2 lakh
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I am PAID and Sent 2 to 3 Months to USA by Real Estate Companies.
Attend above CONFERNCE to on Aug 12th from 10am to 6pm to Know everything in detail.
After ATTENDING you can ASSOCIATE with me and EARN has Shown Below and



You know that Real Estate Industry is BOOMING and everywhere throughout India , Builders / Developers & Real Estate Companies are building 20 to 500+ Flats / Villas . Many are developing PLOTS around the City . The Demand is less in the local Market but number of Flats being built is more every year and Builders / Developers are spending massive money on Advertisement in Newspaper , Advertisement in Magazines , Online Advertisement , Hoarding and Property Shows both in India and abroad. In India there are 11,400 Big Builders . Each Big City has 500 to 700 Builders . Everyone of them wants to TAP the NRI Market .

Actually the Buyers in the Local City / Town is less compared to the Number of Flats getting build in Big Cities and in TIER 2 Cities .
NRI Buyers are increasing and SMART Builders are TAPPING the NRI Market. But everyone are not Successful . Abhinandan TS knows how to TARGET and TAP the NRI Market because he was in USA and STUDIED the Real Estate Marketing Strategy there for 30 days travelling to different Cities . Your WORK is SIMPLE . Refer the below WEBSITE to the BUILDERS / DEVELOPERS & REAL ESTATE COMPANY . Click on the BELOW WEBSITE LINK and you STUDY it FIRST in DETAIL .

To Understand everything in detail . Attend the 1 Day - INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE CONFERENCE . Study the above Links and Contact me .

Convince the Builders / Developers in your CITY / Town to look at the Webiste http://www.RealtySelling2NRIs.com and read all the LINKS . They will AUTOMATICALLY be Convinced to CONTACT you . When they Contact you , you can CONTACT me . If they CONTACT me Directly also , I will ask them who referred my Website to them . It is Good that you FOLLOW-UP so that you will have more Success .

If they decide to take the SERVICES of Abhinandan TS you EARN Regularly without any EFFORT or having any EXPERTISE which Abhinandan TS has. You also get
FREE FOREIGN TRIPS because you will ASSOCIATE with Abhinandan TS to visit different countries to conduct Seminars for NRIs.It is your CHOICE to come. Dont jump to CONCLUSION fast and miss the opportunity which can IMPROVE your FINANCIAL STATUS .

Read the below CONTENT in Detail and CONTACT Abhinandan TS
To show to Builders the FEES & Commission they have to PAY for organizing and conducting Seminars and PRESENTATIONS for the NRIs / PIOs in USA / Canada / UK / UAE / Singapore / Malayasia , they have to READ all the LINKS in the above WEBSITE & FILL the FORM in the CONTACT Page . It will take them to the FEES Details .
US Number : 001 770 881 7545
India Mobile : 0091 90080 26867
Email : www.AbhiTS.in@gmail.com , www.RealtySelling2NRIs.com@gmail.com
TEXT me on WhatsAPP me on 0-9008026867 with your Name, Email ID.

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